(1)What does "NIATOL" mean on the company's NMN product label?

From a long-term perspective, in order to protect the company's intellectual property rights and product interests, the company registered "NIATOL" as an exclusive trademark for our product.

(2)The company's NMN product used to be 60 tablets, but now it is 30 tablets. Why?

This product has recently been split into 30 tablets, but the price has remained the same, one bottle before, two bottles now. Although it increases the cost of the company, we hope to bring higher economic and health benefits to members. In addition, there are similar NMN products in the market, but Treelife’s other auxiliary ingredients are more easily absorbed by our bodies.

(3) How do I receive an effective customer service experience?

The company’s IT staff is developing an online customer service system so that everyone can log on to the website and click on the “Chat” window to directly connect with the customer service. During non-working hours, the customer service will also receive the message immediately and reply within one business day. Stay tuned.