Article 1 The behavior of TREELIFE (hereinafter referred to as the Company) members visiting the Company’s website, using the Company’s products, and contacting the Company through various methods will accept the entire content of the Disclaimers Agreement.

Article 2 The Company provides a sales platform for it’s health and safety products. Each salesperson is an independent member.

Article 3: Individuals who do not comply with the Company’s policies and proedures severely affects the entire company and puts the company and all its members at risk. If a member is found violating company polcies and procedures,he/she will be issued a warning and allowed 24 hours to correct the violation. Members may be terminated by the company at-will for violations.

Article 4 The content of this website will be regularly updated or revised.The Company does not guarantee the timeliness of the information and materials contained or on the website. The Company reserves the right to delete or modify website information without prior notice.

Article 5 The access to and use of the Company's website and use of the Company's products, as well as the performance of this statement, are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, State of California. All disputes will be resolved via arbitration or mediation.

Article 6 The company recommends that its members and customers consult professional and medical opinion before using the Company's products. The Company is not responsible for the inappropriate use of the Company's products.

Article 7 The products of this Company cannot be returned 14 days after the sale. Please place your order after thorough consideration. consideration.

Article 8 The Company and its website have copyrights to the pictures, images, and text contained therein. If other websites, media, and individuals need to use them, they must obtain written authorization from the Company. Unauthorized reproduction or other commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Article 9 The personal information provided by members during registration on this website will not be disclosed to any party except for the provisions of Article 10 and your consent.

Article 10 Members should keep their data. As users inform others of their data or share registered accounts with others, the Company is not responsible for any leakage of personal information caused thereby. The Company will take maximum measures to protect the security of your information and transaction activities. However, the Company does not assume any guarantee of responsibility for the safety, accuracy, and uninterrupted services of the Company and its website. Members shall bear all the risks (such as transmission errors, technical defects, third party intrusion, etc.) of using this website's services and any damages that may be caused by such risks. For any losses caused by such risks, the Company does not take any responsibility.

Article 11 The Company has the right to modify and interpret this statement and all the Company's published and produced documents, announcements, and systems. The Company reserves the right to change or adjust the content of this policy from time to time.

Article 12 If the Company's actions and systems conflict with relevant U.S. laws, the local U.S. laws and regulations shall prevail.

Article 13 Treelife dietary supplement product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.